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Social BrainGym

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Are you stressed? Not able to relax in modern busy lifestyle? Looking for a natural, fast and easy solution for the problem? Then you have come to right place!!!•Social BrainGym is music therapy/training for stress relief and is your Natural Sleep Aid that provides you with a fantastic way of how to deal with anxiety and stress.Why we do what we do?We believe that nature and sound have extreme power besides just entertainment and we have just come up with relaxing sounds and technology that nurture this belief.BENEFITS• Seamless Relaxation through High Quality natural relaxing music• Deep Relaxation to alpha state through isochronic tones of various nature sounds like ocean sounds• Beautiful background for each track• Stay updated with stress relief tip every 15 days• Can run in background•This Relaxation app uses a state of the art technology to overcome the daily stress and improves sound sleep quality. The app contains creatively designed relaxing music tracks (Isochronic Stimulus) which are distinct and an experience to feel. Simply follow instructions given below and experience Relaxation technique:
1. Select the track of your choice by clicking on it. 2. In order to get the best effect on your brain, sit or lie down in a relaxed position. 3. Press play button and close your eyes. 4. Within 6-8 minutes you will train your brain to alpha state (anti stress).5. Enjoy the peace and stress relief.6. Listen to different relaxing music tracks to experience the Relax2Revive phenomenon.Note: For best result in stress relief & sound sleep use it in a relaxed, quiet environment (preferably a closed room) so that other sounds don’t interfere with training.•Usage medium: Headphones or Computer Speakers Usage Dose: Daily•Contraindicated in: Cardio-stimulator, Seizures “Don’t use it while driving or operating machinery”
Anti Stress Therapy Music Concept•Technology Human Brain is made up of billions of neurons and they constantly emit frequency in different states. Human Brain has tendency of MONKEY SEE MONKEY DO (e.g. - when external stimulus is applied to brain it will matches its frequency) Our technology uses isochronic tones (superior to binaural beats) combined with high quality natural relaxing sounds of ocean, waves, rainfall, sea, waterfall to train brain to alpha state (stress relief) which is a stress relieving state also achieved by meditators and also act as natural sleep aid.
Photo Credits:Hardik Desai.